10 Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2020

[fa icon="calendar"] 07 November 2019 / by Duma Ambika

The landscape of digital marketing in the 21st century is seeing constant trend shifts. Many technologies and ideas that used to be “gimmicks” grew into major marketing powers. You must be aware of marketing trends to face constant competition in the digital world. Here are 10 digital marketing trends that you must consider for writing a marketing plan in 2020.

1. Digital Marketing A.I.

Artificial intelligence has become more common tools in marketing compared to a decade ago. An analysis by Techgrabyte foresees 14 percent increase in global GDP between 2020 and 2030 thanks to artificial intelligence. This technology can create a more accurate customer profile, improve the quality of automated service (such as in a chatbot), and reduce risks in various tasks.


2. Smart Chatbots

Smarter chatbots are on the rise, thanks to artificial intelligence. They are effective in handling 24-hour customer service jobs, answering common answers in more responsive ways. Newer technologies also make them more humane and “natural-sounding” when communicating with customers. Around 80 percent of global businesses may use chatbots in 2020.


3. Programmatic Automated Ads

Programmatic automated ads allow marketers to bid for advertising spots when a customer clicks a specific website link. This way, marketers can spend marketing money more efficiently. You can also target more specific customers by only bidding on the related ad spots. Expect to see this technology used by 86.2 percent of digital ads in the US (and more around the world!).


4. SEO A/B Split Testing

Applying SEO elements on your website is not enough. The year 2020 sees the use of split testing tools to improve SEO performance. You can see the details of SEO elements in your website that need improvements, plus the projected results after you improve them. Split testing tools can test your website for a certain amount of time to see a more accurate result in real world.


5. Video Marketing

Have you used video marketing in your campaigns? Keep it up, because the year 2020 will see an increase in this trend. Customers love well-made video content because it is attractive, informative, and shareable. Google also rewards marketers with more exposure if they use a lot of videos for marketing. A website is 53 times more likely to snatch prime spots on the SERP if it uses videos.


6. Personalized Campaign

Get ready to make your marketing campaign more personalized in 2020. Customers no longer want generic campaigns that ask them to buy and spend. Companies like Starbucks, EasyJet, Amazon, and Netflix have used this principle to create more accurate campaigns. They use purchasing history, customers’ profiles, and browsing behaviours to create targeted campaigns.

The easiest example is how Netflix creates recommendations based on your watching history. Starbucks creates ads for custom drinks, using customers’ purchase history. EasyJet creates personalised content to target customers based on their flying history. Using personalised methods has helped these companies earning more income.


7. Social Media Commerce

Social media is still a strong player in 2020, but with improvements. Many brands are now using social media for direct transactions instead of just marketing tools. This trend follows the success of various small and medium enterprises that use social media as their main commerce tools. Using social media to handle transactions cuts the steps and increases customer experience.


8. High-quality Content Marketing

Keep investing in high-quality content marketing for 2020! According to the Content Marketing Institute, good content can increase the leads three times over conventional ads. Plus, more people use ad blockers in their gadgets, so marketing with good content will beat this trend.


9. Image-based Search

Products such as furniture, clothes, artworks, beauty products, vehicles, and travel services can take advantages from image-based search. Technology such as Lens allows customers to search for further information directly from an image. The lens can even find information about a product or place directly from the phone camera result.


10. Influencer Campaign

Influencers can market brands in more “familiar” ways, which increase the trust level of prospective customers. They carry an authenticity that generic company marketing cannot bring. Consider following the social media figures and YouTube community to detect the rising influencers. A study by Mediakix revealed that influencer marketing might result in USD10 billion profits in 2020.


Get ready to face the competition in 2020 by improving your digital marketing game. Include these strategies in your marketing campaign plan and see the results yourself.


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