19 Ideas of Social Posts to Keep Your Followers Interested

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Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to promote your brand is not an easy task. Digital marketing requires a constant stream of fresh posts to invite engagements. You must constantly develop ideas to avoid posting similar posts until they become stale.

Social Media Post Recommendations

Here are 19 types of social media posts you can rotate to create a strong online marketing strategy.


1.     Share, Retweet, and Repost

Reposting posts is the easiest way to post on social media without making too many efforts. These posts also show that your business is a part of the conversation in the field.

2.     Regular Themed Posts

Creating scheduled posts with specific topics gives your followers something to expect. The posts can be video presentations, reviews, or analysis. You can also use these posts to chase the (related) trends.

3.     Your latest blog post

Once you publish a new blog post, you should share it to your social media followers. This will increase your website traffic and expose your blog to a wider audience.

4.     Giveaways

The charm of free stuff is effective to increase online engagements. The giveaway prizes should be something from your brand. Don't forget to insert clear terms and conditions.

5.     Tutorials and Tips

Useful posts add values to your social media presence. The most popular example of a tutorial content is Tasty, run by Buzzfeed. The Instagram cooking videos are short but on-brand and useful, attracting many followers.

6.     Trending Topics and Hashtags

Trending topics and hashtags are great to reach more engagements and attract new followers. However, make sure you pay attention to the contexts. Only use trending topics and hashtags if you can relate them to the brand seamlessly.

7.     Interesting Short Clips

Short clips offer dynamic visuals that will instantly attract followers. You can get creative with these clips, using animation, colorful slides, and other effects.

8.     User Generated Content

Using the voices of customers gives your brand a more personal look. Invite loyal customers to mention your brand and tell you their experience. Share them with your followers. You can also feature them in your videos or posts to give your brand advocacy.

9.     Memes and Jokes

Take advantage of the positive emotions they incite by including memes and jokes in your posts. However, companies must show it restrains in posting these materials. Avoid offending people just for "being edgy".

10.Partnering with Other Brands

When you partner with other brands, give them shout-outs in your posts. Tag the brand in the posts and inform followers about how the partnership can benefit customers.

11. Interviews with Experts

Conduct interviews with experts or influencers that can benefit your brand. You can format the interviews into videos or podcasts.

12. Ask Me Anything

Conduct Ask Me Anything sessions on your social media platforms. It allows prospective customers and followers to share their concerns and interests. You can also show a little personal side of your company.

13. Page Takeover

Page takeover is a popular post to increase engagement and attract attention. You can invite someone influential to make all the posts in your brand pages for a day. Choose an influencer that has related styles with your brand.

14. Live Videos

Live videos prove that your company is on board with the newest trend. Live content also makes the brand look more "relatable" because the expressions are often more genuine.

15. Photos of Your Employees

According to a survey, sharing pictures with human faces can boost your engagement rate by 38%. Sharing photos of the people behind your business also helps humanize your brand. You will also gain more trust of your customers and target market, because they will be able to see who create the products and services they’re consuming.

16. Polling

The occasional polling makes your followers feel that you listen to their opinions. Polling can also be funny and lighthearted to attract engagements.

17. Tagging Friends

Urge your followers to tag their friends. Social media followers are easier to follow instructions on a whim. Requests to tag friends are easy to follow.

18. Behind the Scene Posts

Behind the scene posts, such as videos and photos, give personal elements to your promotion. You can inform your followers about the efforts behind every product.

19. Milestone Posts

Milestone posts make your followers feel involved in the growth of your business. They also attract followers and customers by signaling the brand’s potentials.


Digital Marketing Attitude in Social Media

You can rotate between the above 18 post types in social media to make the brand fresh. However, don't forget the main point of using it: communication. Always be friendly and informative when responding to comments. Be professional in answering inquiries. Make sure to construct polite jokes if you want to use them in communication.

Digital marketing requires the creative use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar platforms. Make sure to create posts that will increase engagements and educate followers.

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