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Nadia Estiningrum

In our modern-day world, marketing your business must go beyond posting blog articles although they are sprinkled with keywords and amazing copywriting. Most of our audience is visual learners, and they are easily hooked on visual content, especially videos. Videos create emotions that other types of content can’t create. Many brands have already produced video content regularly and spread it through social media because they had realized this fact. This explains the rise of video content popularity in the world and also in Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest number of internet users in the world. According to Statista, as of 2016, 34 percent of the population in Indonesia was monthly active social media users, logging on to social media services at least once a month. A recent research from Indonesia’s biggest internet service provider also shows that 31% of internet quota is spent on video streaming.

Video content has undeniably been playing a very important role in grabbing audience’s attention on every platform and channel. Thus, adding videos to your marketing efforts can speed up the process of gaining brand recall and even leads.

If you haven’t incorporated video in your marketing strategy, now is the time. There are so many opportunities for you to offer video content to your audience throughout the buyer’s journey – videos that will help educate your audience, make it easy to trust your brand, and move them faster to a purchase decision. Here are some types of video that you can apply in your brand marketing strategy.

1. Tutorial Video

Your video content has to be valuable to your audience. This means you may choose to produce videos that will help your audience to find solutions and ease their problems. If you’re looking for a type of helpful video, try creating a tutorial video.

A tutorial video is one of the popular video types that you can use to promote your brand. Your tutorial videos may have promotional tie-ins and soft selling elements; however, keep in mind that the most important thing is to provide very useful information inside the video so that your audience won’t mind being sold to.

For example, a tech company can focus on producing more helpful product tutorials, while a health and wellness brand might publish training videos that offer workout tips.

2. Influencer Video

Influencer marketing is a powerful thing in Indonesia because it can help brands increase audience and followers in social media. However, the benefits don’t just stop there. Influencers are seen as thought leaders and experts in their respective industries, and this helps increase the engagement and, ultimately, the credibility and authenticity of your company.

With so many social media influencers out there, you need to be very careful in choosing the ones that suit your brand the best. Take a closer look at their followers; are they your target market? Are the influencers producing their own video content, and how does their style match your brand? There are so many things you need to consider, but when you get the right one, the big success awaits you. Understanding how to make the most out of influencers and videos is the key.

3. Web Series

A web series is another attractive idea that your brand can try. Producing a web series is indeed much more time-consuming and requires a different level of expertise especially in the part of crafting an appealing and coherent story. You have to make the audience interested and demand for the next video launch, so you need to develop a strong storyline and great cliffhangers without overlooking the message your brand wants to deliver.

Through web series, many brands are able to reach new audiences, engage and build communities. While there are also some brands that fail to generate loyal audiences due to lack of story-crafting, the web series remains a great potential strategy for brands that want an exceptional result from their video marketing strategy.

4. Animation Video

Animation is more of a video style, but it can be one of the efforts in your video marketing strategy because it has a distinctive power and provokes different feelings compared to other regular videos. Imagine watching two different tutorial videos that talk about the same thing but with different styles (animated and live action). You definitely will get different experiences. Some tutorials, especially for complicated products, are better with animated video style. Animated vectors and motion graphic can give the audience a feel-good frame of mind and even pleasing sensation that many live-action videos can’t bring. Another piece of good news is that animation videos will also help you save your marketing budget compared to expensive live-action video production.

Since animation videos are best used to explain complexities, they’re perfectly suitable for product tutorials and business presentations. However, you can always experiment with many video types using animation, including a social media regular fun video to showcase your brand’s creativity and create more meaningful engagement.

5. Live Video

Live videos get people’s attention more than pre-produced ones, and there are many reasons behind it. Have you ever wondered why breaking news and live shot on TV usually gain more viewers? The same thing goes with live videos on social media. It’s the fear of missing out. The audience is afraid that they’re going to miss something important if they’re not tuning in. Furthermore, the audience loves live streams because it can make them feel like they’re at the actual, live event. They even have the chance to be noticed by the broadcaster. Watching live videos is also much more thrilling because the audience doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.

This is why Facebook and Instagram are devoting their time to improve their live video services – they know that livestreams get 10x more engagement than regular videos.

With live videos, your brand is able to interact with audience and prospects in real time. You can use social media live video service to broadcast a new product launch, do a live Q&A, share a “behind the scenes” video, and much more.

The above 5 steps are simple but very important to improve your website ranking. After doing all of the improvements, you’ll be happy with the result. And finally, keep track of your 

Choose the best video marketing strategy for your brand and produce videos that will make your brand stand out. We hope this article helps you to create your next video marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to create valuable video content for your audience; we’ll be happy to help!

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Nadia Estiningrum

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