9 Digital Marketing Tips for Creating Awesome SEO Content

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be just about keywords and page ranks. Now, digital marketing places audiences in an important place. The current SEO strategy must balance the content, technique, and audience to reach the best marketing goal.

Elements to Improve in Modern Digital Marketing

The current marketing trend needs deep content that targets the most suitable readers. This means improving readability, Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and content quality. Prospective customers nowadays don’t want thick content overstuffed with keywords. They want deep, informative content that answers their problems.

Good marketing also improves the overall reading experience. One common example is the page loading speed. A slow web page load will make the difference between positive and negative reader experiences.

How to Create Great SEO Content

Here are nine things you can do to create an ideal SEO content:

1. Improve Readability

Readability determines the dwell time, which describes the time readers stick around to read your content. The higher the readability level, the longer they will stay. A content with good readability must be organized, logic, clear, and easy to read.

2. Conduct Deeper Research in Keywords

Forget stuffing content with random keywords. The new marketing strategy requires more accurate keywords to attract specific readers. You must determine the right audiences, the content they want, and which keywords they often use to find the information.

3. Create Deep, Well-researched Content

Readability does not mean your content must be shallow. You must provide well-researched content with multiple angles and views. An ideal main content should be around 2,000 words. Inserting sources and links to respectable sources also increase your content quality. Practical guides and deeply-researched topics are also attractive to readers.

4. Create Interesting Visuals

Images make your content more interesting and likely to draw attention. However, the images must be relevant to the content, preventing readers’ confusion from ruining their experience. Beginners may use stock photos with public domains for the visuals. However, in a more serious SEO game, you must use relevant, high-quality visuals. Partnering with an illustrator is a good idea.

5. Improve the Authorship/Expertise Value

Google is putting more emphasis on authorship and expertise value. If possible, make sure your background, history, or experiences contribute to your content in meaningful ways. For example, you can create a cooking content with high expertise value based on your 10-year cooking experiences.

Make your readers believe that you are the “expert” behind your website content. Don’t hesitate to include your achievements and background in the About Me page.

6. Use Extensive Original Research

Original marketing research is ideal to improve a content quality related to your brand. You can use your brand’s history, success stories, and failure cases as the research data. Present your finding in clear, concise way, so your readers can “see” your brand from your point of view. A 2018 report by BuzzSumo and Mantis Research showed higher website traffic and social shares among content based on original research.

7. Cite Facts from Reputable Sources

Citing facts is another way to make your content more reliable. Make sure you cite your facts from reputable sources, which may include an official study website, a verified news report, or the official website of an institution. Don’t forget to add the hyperlink and mention the sources. Use tools like JSTOR and Google Scholar to find reputable sources.

8. Make Snippets Appear on the SERP

A snippet of your webpage will attract visitors on the SERP. Snippet is a small block that features a direct answer of the related search inquiry. A study by Ahref revealed that websites with snippets on the first SERP receive more clicks than those without snippets.

9. Increase the Page Loading Speed

Website visitors now have higher expectations and less patience than ever. A slow-loading webpage will frustrate and repel visitors, regardless of your content quality. A study by BBC News showed that the average website visitors leave if they must wait for more than three seconds.

To increase the website loading speed, use a premium web hosting provider, turn on the browser cache, and reduce garbage features like useless animation. If you insert files like videos and images, optimize their sizes to match your actual website performance.


High-quality SEO content combines research, readable writing, specific keywords, authorship, and quick webpage loading. Follow these tips to create a successful digital marketing campaign, and partner with skilled experts to maximize your content.

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