9 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2019

[fa icon="calendar"] 05 Juli 2019 / by Duma Ambika

Are you still depending on traditional SEO methods to promote business? If yes, it is time to open your mind for new possibilities.

Digital marketing trends in 2019 are changing rapidly, especially with new technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence and 360-degree visual content. Here are nine digital trends that grab a lot of attention in the current years.


1. Personalized Marketing

Have you noticed that your apps are “understanding” your preferences more? This is a part of the current “personalization” trend. Personalized marketing uses algorithms, search histories, and other data to adjust the content with individual customers. The easiest examples are how the online ads and Netflix recommendations cater to your online habits.

2. Video Marketing

A video has audio and visual elements, which grab more attention and create more emotional responses. Statistics show that 70 percent of people are more likely to share video content than photos or texts. Companies and business owners also report increasing revenues with well-planned video content.

The potentials of video marketing have encouraged social media platforms to follow the trend. Facebook and Instagram, for example, now have several video-playing features to support marketing strategies.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are the groundbreaking AI technology that contributes hugely to marketing. Chatbots provide more interactive and responsive communication with your customers. They not only do repetitive tasks but also provide personalized responses and suggestions. This technology is great to fill the gaps in customer service roles, especially in minimizing human errors.

Chatbots are now used by around 1.4 billion people around the world. People use them to answer common questions, solve problems, get recommendations, and make purchases.

4. Influencer Partnership

Celebrity endorsement used to be big in the business world. However, the trend is not shifting to "influencers." They are people who gain massive online followers on social media, especially Instagram. Many of these influencers tout certain lifestyles, which are admired and even followed closely by their followers. Companies are now tapping to that trend, using endorsement offers to partner with influencers.

Partnership with influencers can create positive associations toward the brands. Influencers are often deemed as people who “look like our friends and neighbors.” Influencers with relatable qualities have especially big roles in popularizing certain brands. The same thing applies to YouTubers, who have created unique communities outside the mainstream media.

5. Voice Search

Voice search started to get popular with the coming of Siri and Alexa. Searching with your voice is quicker and more convenient, especially for people with disabilities. Voice search trend increased with the coming of smart speakers. Many people now install a smart system in their houses, including smart speakers that help them search and shop.

Around 20 percent of Google Search is now conducted through voice. This trend is expected to grow in 2020, with around 50 percent of searches conducted by voice.

6. Visual-based Search

When the SEO trend took off, companies adjusted their marketing methods based on keyword searches. Now, people prefer using a visual-based search to find specific products. They upload images and let the search engines do their work. A visual-based search provides more accurate results when it comes to finding products.

Visual search now uses more sophisticated technology. For example, Google Lens allows you to get detailed search results from just one snap. When you take a picture of a book cover, Lens will provide information about the author, reviews, and other info. Take a picture of a restaurant, and you will get info about opening hours, menu, and address.

7. Messaging Service

If you think email marketing is too slow, consider messaging service. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, for example, are popular messaging services many companies now use for direct promotion. Direct messaging is ideal for sending a personalized message, but you can also apply it like a mass-marketing form, with automated messages.

8. Split Testing in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not dead in 2019; it's just getting a new solution to be more effective. The split testing technology is an improvement in the SEO game. Tools such as Clickflow allows you to review your webpage. You can tweak your webpage elements, such as keywords, meta descriptions, and contents while seeing the simulated results on the same page.

You can also use these tools to test your SEO plan. For example, you can set up a 14-day experiment to tweak the webpage’s SEO elements based on your marketing strategy. Compare the simulated results before fixing the obvious gaps and increasing the webpage’s SEO scores.

9. Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ads are a little like popular ad campaigns, where marketers buy a bunch of ad packages and hope they work on specific demography. However, these ads use AI to calculate data in more sophisticated ways. For example, when an internet user clicks on an online ad that uses programmatic technology, it will send offers to advertisers so they can bid and place relevant ads for that user.


Following digital marketing trends is necessary if you want to make successful business strategies. These nine trends will help you changing the game and competing with more efficiency.

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Duma Ambika

Written by Duma Ambika